ORBIT is my latest music (and art!) release. It's a cosmic five-track EP, but also an Augmented Reality experience! To learn more about that, click here!

A limited edition release on 7" vinyl, with Augmented Reality cover that comes to life with the use of the free "Someone presents: ORBIT" smartphone app.

A side: Two Satellites
B side: I Can't Remember How To Talk To You

Special package deal: purchase in combination with the full EP "ORBIT" as Augmented Reality Card Set for 25 euros!

Presented by Paradiso Vinyl Club





The Deep

Say Something

Forget Forgive

Chain Reaction


Someone is a celebration of creativity, identity and optimism. It’s about doing what you love and being who you are, regardless of what others may say. I took that mindset into the studio with me, which resulted in five tracks that are stylistically quite varied. Each song represents a different turning point or moment of realisation that helped me get through a rather rough patch in my life. And put together it feels like a coming of age.


I recorded it all in my home studio in Amsterdam, supported by my friend and fellow musician Sergio Escoda on two of the tracks. From grungy and rocky to mellow and chilled, my goal was to simply make the music I felt like making at the time and I hope this enjoyment and sense of looseness has managed to trickle its way down into the songs.


To support the individual characters of the tracks I put together a series of short films, in collaboration with brilliant filmmakers David Spearing and Elliott Arndt. Each film focusses on a new, eccentric ‘someone’. An outsider, in one way or the other.


For The Deep we follow an unhinged inventor who thinks he’s discovered a way to pause time. Say Something is an ode to the infomercial, and feels like a lost VHS ad for a couples-therapy dance course taught by love guru Svend Emil Jacobsen. With Forget Forgive I got to let my inner Blade Runner run free! It’s about the lone survivor of an intergalactic war and her epic last fight to survive.


The fourth and final film, Chain Reaction, is a surreal story about a struggling author who accidentally finds herself the subject of her next book. Because it’s set in the 1920s I really wanted to explore old-style filmmaking, so no green-screens or special effects!We actually built an entire set, inspired by The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and early Burton work, placing the film in its own little abstract universe.