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ORBIT is Someone's new music and art release.

Using an Augmented Reality app, it aims to create a playful experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself the new cosmic work.

You can try out one of the pieces by downloading this app and printing out a copy of the artwork available below.

For the full experience, visit the ORBIT exhibition:

16th January - 19th February 2019

Galleria Unexpected

Schuitendiep 47


ORBIT consists of 5 tracks, each linked to interactive artwork. It uses the metaphor of orbiting planets to comment on our overstimulated generation, often too distracted to be in the moment. The artworks come to life when viewed through this app on a tablet or phone, and the song linked to that piece will start to play.


The artworks can even be taken home, in either full-sized limited print editions or via a set of miniature card sized prints. Visitors can use the app to enjoy the same experience of music and interactive art at home, and share it with their friends.


Someone is very excited to be sharing this new project with the world. Download the app, have fun with it and let us know about your experience!