I wanted a name that said: Don’t worry about who I am. Just check out what I make. It’s really much more interesting.


Someone is a multi-disciplinary artist who celebrates and explores creativity in all its different forms. Having always harboured a love for art of all disciplines, she discovered a joy in crossing borders between genres, collaborating with other artists and putting ego and image aside to focus on simply ‘making’. The result is a constant flow of work that, although diverse in format, is held together more by mindset.


The music on Someone’s EP ORBIT combines psych-pop hooks played on gloopy guitars and shimmering synthesizers with Someone’s airy, mellow vocal that juxtaposes the constant energy driving the tracks forward.

‘My favourite kind of lyrics are those that instantly capture a certain mood, a certain feeling, that we can all relate to.Wallowing in self-pity, for example: ’Sudden as it came, now you’re on your own again / and you wonder what you did to deserve this kind of pain’.’ It’s a complex feeling. At the time, it feels like the world is ending. Looking back, maybe not so much. But that doesn’t make that moment any less valuable.


People, and all the things that connect us and make us unique are another binding factor for Someone. When she takes to the stage, she surrounds both her band and her audience with live projections that offer trippy animations, all based around different aspects of space and the cosmos. Working together with the dynamic build in the set, the goal is to create an immersive experience for all that buzzes with joy and creative energy.

Photo credit: Bibian Bingen

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