Two Satellites was written in a single day, during a very productive session with the brilliant musician and person C. Duncan. 

I had heard Chris’ track Garden pop up on my Spotify playlist and completely fallen in love with it. The effortless songwriting, the vocal tone, the harmonies. It was kind of my soundtrack for summer 2016. 

When he came on tour to Amsterdam, I went to see his show and made an awkward introduction at the merch booth. And a few months later, he agreed to come visit me in my studio and see if we could write something together. 


In fact, we only needed a couple hours to lay down the bare bones of the track. It started of with Chris on guitar and me on my Prophet 6. I remember it was a warm, summery day and we were going for something mellow and sensual, combining some almost bossa nova chord changes with that warm sound that happens when male and female vocals sing together one octave apart.


We decided the song should be about relationships, the fleeting nature they can have, and the ease with which new ones can be forged. Communicating with each other from a distance, craving psychical contact, but still staying on our own trajectory. Like satellites.


We spent the rest of the day layering crazy lush harmonies (which Chris is a master of) and programming drums. When we parted ways, we agreed to meet up again soon to watch a slew of 80s B-rated horror flicks, a genre we share a deep fondness of.


A limited edition release on 7" vinyl, with Augmented Reality cover that comes to life with the use of the free "Someone presents: ORBIT" smartphone app.

A side: Two Satellites
B side: I Can't Remember How To Talk To You

Presented by Paradiso Vinyl Club


1/5 of the ORBIT Augmented Reality exhibition, a new music and art release. This work is interactive, and will come to life in sound and vision with the use of the "Someone presents: ORBIT" app.

Giclee on fine art paper. Signed by the artist.

Download the app here, free of charge.