I Can’t Remember How To Talk To You started with this scene in mind. One of those high-school house parties, where the decoration is full-on tinsel and dimestore disco lights and everyone’s drinking dodgy punch. 

This vibe led me to the verse, this kind of camp, corny groove that makes you want to pop your hip and pretend to be seventeen. 

I imagined this story, of somebody meeting their ex at a party like this in a wobbly, punch-fuelled moment. In the verses, she’s all cool, kind of a lilting ‘Yeah, I’m doing great, I rock at life’  kind of vibe, but in the pre-chorus some little cracks start to appear on the surface. Suddenly, this hysterical chorus comes crashing in, and somehow she’s ended up on top of the table, with mascara streaming down her cheeks, ‘cos as it turns out: Actually no, she’s not fine. And yes, that escalated quickly.

1/5 of the ORBIT Augmented Reality exhibition, a new music and art release. This work is interactive, and will come to life in sound and vision with the use of the "Someone presents: ORBIT" app.

Giclee on fine art paper. Signed by the artist.

Download the app here, free of charge.