You know how some artists have lots of songs about love? Or sadness, or teenage angst? Well, for a while a lot of the songs I was writing were about confusion. Pull It Together is one of those songs. It describes feeling out of sync with yourself, and being very aware of that, but somehow not being able to.. well.. pull yourself together. But the undertone isn’t an anxious one: it’s almost bemused. Like taking a step back to look at your haggard self from a distance and being able to shake your head and chuckle: “Oh, would you look at the state of me.”


The track has gone through many different versions, it took a lot of fine-tuning to get the arrangement and the groove to sit exactly right. The writing process started with the bass-line, and then that one vocal hook: I don’t know why I can’t.. pull it together… pull it together. I loved the almost ecstatic panic of it, it feels like shouting from the rooftops: “I AM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW, HAHA!” 

I laid the first full draft down in one day. I remember being super hungry but thinking: “No, finish the bridge first, then food.” 

I guess the promise of dinner is a really strong motivational tool to finish stuff.


Later on in the process I got some of my band members into the studio to re-record guitar, drums and some of the key parts. For a few months I just continued honing the track between live shows and studio days, learning from how the track developed in live situations and bringing those changes back into the studio until it felt ready.


The artwork, though it’s an abstract piece, reflects the feeling of disjointedness in the lyrics. Those loose elements, floating around in space, kind of feel like they’ve just been catapulted out of a weird toy box. Like they’ve gone from a single matching unit to disarray, each element facing off in a different direction.


So I guess Pull It Together is an ode to those who sometimes find themselves a little overwhelmed. 

Trust me, I know the feeling.  


1/5 of the ORBIT Augmented Reality exhibition, a new music and art release. This work is interactive, and will come to life in sound and vision with the use of the "Someone presents: ORBIT" app.

Giclee on fine art paper. Signed by the artist.

Download the app here, free of charge.